About Me

saginthesunforever is an artist working in various mediums and an activist and philosopher. They are a student of the universe and human experience, emphasizing black emancipation, spirituality, and the expression of creative thought.

They use art as a vehicle for personal development, transformation, and healing in their work, which investigates both the internal and external worlds. They are convinced that creativity is one of the most potent forces in the cosmos, and they employ it to establish a connection with others and their more evolved selves.

Additionally, saginthesunforever is highly enthusiastic about social justice, equity, and human rights issues. They think art can transform people's thoughts and feelings and use this belief to advocate for underrepresented cultures.

They are both a poet and an activist. They have faith in the ability of words to bring about positive change in the world, and they use their platform to advocate for underrepresented communities. They are highly committed to issues of social justice and the utilization of art as a method of action.

The poetry of saginthesunforever is unfiltered and intense; it delves into topics such as love, sorrow, identity, and injustice. Their work has been featured in several journals, and at the moment, they are putting the finishing touches on their first poetry collection.

They are a being that exudes love and light. They are searching for the truth and knowledge and are convinced that there is only one endpoint to reach. They are deeply committed to spirituality, the liberation of black people, and the development of an inclusive world.

saginthesunforever is a creative individual who works in a variety of mediums. They feel that creativity is one of the most powerful tools for improving our lives and the surrounding environment. They also like experimenting with new forms of self-expression.

They are artists who have taught themselves to paint and sketch, and they like doing so. They began by painting landscapes and seascapes, but today they enjoy experimenting with paintings in a variety of genres using a variety of mediums. They are constantly looking for new channels through which to communicate both who they are and the creative ideas they have.